Simon Shemia is the CEO of Honor Health Network, a home health care company caring for approximately 9,000 patients across the Northeast. Simon is a proud parent of a Shefa Alumna, and has served on the board for 7 years, including a 4-year tenure as Shefa’s Board President. Simon appreciates the profound impact that the school has on its students, their families, and the Jewish Day School community at large. Simon currently resides on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his wife, Sara, and their three children Thomas, Esther, and Victor.

Diamond Benefactors
Agnes & Jeffrey Shemia

Golden Benefactors
Joia & Josh Kazam

Silver Benefactors
Navah & Robert D. Frost
Spruce/S3 Capital

Sara & Simon Shemia

Lisa & Avner Mendelson

Vanessa & Ray Chalme
McGowan Builders
Erica & Rob Schwartz

Claudia & Marcos Douer
Motti & Esther Kremer

Suri & Kenny Cohen
Rebecca Roiphe & Benjamin Gruenstein
Tikva & Zalmie Jacobs
Rifki Zable & Jonathan Slonim

Harvey Arfa
Gabriella & David Fridman
Diane & David Hess
Monte Albers de Leon & Michael Meltzer
Judith & Daniel Ottensoser
Alissa & Howard Shams
Orit & Warren Teichner
Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.
Liz Neumark & Chaim Wachsberger
Seymour W. Zises

Shefa is a Jewish community day school for children with language-based learning disabilities, and like other independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the costs of the program. Shefa’s Benefit raises crucial funds for our school, as the financial support from our community enables us to continue to do this special work.

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